• Experimental evaluation of the impact of sensory amplitude and depth in the reduction of perceptual distortions in virtual environments.
    Main researcher: Mauricio Loyola
    Alternate researcher: Cecilia Wolff
    Co-investigators: Angélica Videla, Bruno Rossi, Sebastián Pagueguy FAU
    Interdisciplinary Competition 2020. Project code: 12012001.9102.042
    In collaboration with: ISTAR-ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon

  • VR 360 Architecture: Evaluation of the use of spherical and hemispherical images and videos in the construction of virtual reality architectural environments.
    Main researcher: Prof. Mauricio Loyola
    Associated researchers: Cecilia Wolff, Bruno Rossi, Sebastián Pagueguy, Max Daiber.
    VID U-Starts 2020 Contest. Project code: UI-007/20. 2020-2022

  • Towards comprehensive and inclusive urban planning and design: Use of virtual reality in early citizen participation processes.
    Main researcher: Jorge Inzunza
    Alternate researcher: Mauricio Loyola
    Co-Investigators: Bruno Rossi, Viviana Fernández, Hernán Elgueta
    Concurso MINVU 2016. Project code: FAU-MINVU Nº 120107019102017.
    In collaboration with the Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo